5 Tips For Making The Most Of Cataract Surgery Recovery

5 Tips For Making The Most Of Cataract Surgery Recovery

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Did you schedule your cataract surgery? Are you trying to figure out how to prepare for your recovery?

Getting surgery can be a big deal, especially if it’s surgery on your eyes. If you decide to have eye surgery, you want to have the best possible experience from start to finish.

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common procedures. The entire procedure lasts for about 10 – 20 minutes.

You will have topical anesthesia and your doctor will remove your eye’s natural lens. They will then replace it with an artificial lens. The artificial lens will give you clear vision.

When you have cataract surgery, your surgeon will give you post-op instructions. You should follow these instructions closely.

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you will have a quick and easy recovery. Keep reading for 5 tips for making the most of cataract surgery recovery!

1. Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments

Going to your follow-up appointments is the best way to make sure you are healing correctly. Your first appointment will be a day or two after your procedure.

Your doctor will check in to make sure your recovery is going well. They will also check to see that you are not having any complications.

If you have any problems during your recovery process, make sure to contact your doctor and let them know.

2. Follow All Post-Surgery Instructions

Before your surgery, your doctor will give you a list of instructions. One of the things that might be on that list is how to use prescription eye drops.

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic eye drops to help prevent bacterial infections. You could also be prescribed anti-inflammatory eye drops to reduce swelling in your eyes.

You should use the eye drops as your doctor tells you. This will help you have a great recovery process.

3. Relax

The key to a good recovery is relaxing. You should avoid overexerting yourself.

That means no strenuous activities for one to two weeks post-surgery. Your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow. If you want to recover safely, follow these!

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

One of the hardest things to do after cataract surgery is to avoid rubbing your eyes. But you need to skip rubbing your eyes while you are recovering from cataract surgery.

If you rub your eyes too often, you can damage your corneas while they heal. Do yourself a favor and try not to rub your eyes at any time, even if they irritate you.

If they are itchy or scratchy, artificial tears can help!

5. Keep Your Eyes Clean

Keeping your eyes clean is the key to a good recovery. This means that you need to avoid irritants and dirty water.

Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools for a week or two to reduce the probability that your eyes will get infected. Also, stay away from environments where you can get dust or particles in your eyes.

If you have to go outside, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially if it is windy! When showering, keep any shampoo or soap out of your eyes.

While you are healing after surgery, it’s recommended to shower with your eyes closed. Part of this is to avoid getting any bacteria in your eyes from water.

Water is a perfect place for bacteria to breed! While your eyes heal, they are more susceptible to infections, so keep them shut around water.

Following these steps will ensure you have the best recovery possible!

Are you wondering if it’s time to book your cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH today!

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