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Can The Weather Impact My Vision?

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Do you notice that if you go outside when it is cold out, that it’s harder to see? Are you traveling to a colder or warmer climate?

One thing that most people don’t talk about, is how cold weather can impact your vision. The most common problem patients have with drier air is dry eyes. Keep reading to learn if the weather can impact your vision!

Drier weather = drier eyes

When you experience colder temperatures, it leads to drier air. This means you’re now dealing with dry air and chilly wind outdoors and dry air indoors from having the heat on to stay warm.

This is the perfect combination for causing eye irritation. If you wear contacts and have chronically dry eyes, this quickly becomes a problem.

Dry eyes and warm heat indoors aren’t a great combination. This can lead to increased feelings of irritation. People develop chronic dry eyes because their eyes are not getting enough moisture.

If you live in a dry climate, you can get dry eyes from the air just being drier. When you are in colder temperatures or dry climates and are struggling to keep your eyes moist, your eyes may burn or feel itchy.

Dry eye can feel like there is something in the eye or cause you to develop more tears than normal. This means that your eyes are overcompensating by making more tears to balance the lack of high-quality tears.

Dry eyes can seriously impact your vision. Once you get your dry eyes under control, your vision should go back to normal.

How can I protect my eyes from the weather?

If you’re concerned about cold weather having an impact on your vision or other weather related issues, try the following tips:

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during the winter or in dry climates helps keep your body hydrated. This includes keeping your eyes moist.

Having healthy eyes will help keep them more hydrated. Drink more water if your eyes feel dry.

Use Eye Drops

One of the best things you can do to keep your eyes moist is to use artificial tears or eye drops. You can use them a few times a day.

Talk with your doctor to see which type you should use or what they recommend for you.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. While you are indoors, you should use one to help your eyes stay moist.

Avoid Fans and Heaters

Skip sitting near a heater or fan while it is blowing close to your face. Doing this can dry out your eyes.

If you can, try to move or angle it away from you. While fires can be relaxing, don’t sit too close to them as they can easily dry out your eyes.

Decrease Your Screen Time

It’s tempting to spend hours scrolling on your phone, but it’s not great for your eyes. Spending too much time looking at screens causes you to blink less.

Blinking less makes your eyes drier since blinking is part of how your eyes stay lubricated.

Skip Rubbing Your Eyes

If your eyes are irritated, a normal reaction is to rub them. But rubbing your eyes can cause more irritation and could cause an infection if your hands are dirty.

Protect Your Eyes

If the weather is dry, cold, or windy, protecting your eyes is key. Wearing sunglasses or goggles can help protect your eyes from the elements. This will help keep your eyes from drying out or overproducing tears.

Listening to these tips will help you enjoy the weather, no matter how cold it is! Need help keeping your eyes healthy?

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