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Are Dry Eyes Something To Be Scared Of?

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Do you find that your eyes are often red and irritated? Are you worried that it could be a sign of something serious?

Usually, when your eyes look red and irritated, it means that you have dry eyes.

Noticing any kind of changes with your eyes could be a sign of something not being quite right. Keep reading to learn more about dry eyes and if they are something you should be scared of!

What is dry eye?

When you have dry eyes, your eyes will feel very uncomfortable. For some patients, it feels like your eyes are burning or stinging.

Also, specific environments may make your eyes drier. This can include spending time flying on planes, being around air conditioning, or using digital devices.

One of the most important things to know is the symptoms and causes of dry eyes. This way you can do your best to prevent them and reduce your concerns about them.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

There are many signs and symptoms tied to having dry eyes. Common ones to watch out for include:

  • Heavy eyelids
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Cloudy vision
  • Developing a sensitivity to light
  • Having a gritty feeling or a sensation like something is in your eye
  • Experiencing itchy eyes

Also, for some people, dry eyes occur because of tear overproduction. This occurs because there is not enough moisture in your eyes.

Healthy tears need to have oil and mucus and if you produce too many tears, your tears are mostly made of water. These tears do not properly coat the surface of your eyes.

What causes dry eyes?

There are many causes of dry eye. For some individuals, it is a problem balancing your tear production system.

Also, dry eyes can be caused by a specific environment like air conditioning or heating blowing directly on you. You may also have dry eye symptoms if you have exposure to wind, dry air, or excess smoke.

Other causes are pregnancy, aging, prescription drug side effects, conditions affecting your tear production, diseases that cause inflammation of the skin and eyelids, allergies, and temporary side effects from LASIK.

Are dry eyes permanent?

While having dry eyes can be a chronic condition, it is treatable. For many people, this means if it’s managed properly, the symptoms will go away over time.

If your dry eyes occur because of a temporary circumstance, like recovering from LASIK or flying, they may dissipate on their own.

But when dry eyes are left untreated, it can be a painful condition that causes permanent damage to your eyes. This can lead to corneal damage and vision problems.

Having dry eyes should not scare you, especially if it is from something temporary. It is treatable and you can resolve with lifestyle and environmental changes.

This may be as simple as using eye drops. Some things you can do to reduce your dry eyes include:

  • Drinking water
  • Using eye drops
  • Having a humidifier
  • Staying away from fans and heaters
  • Reducing your screen time
  • Avoiding rubbing your eyes whenever possible

Do you have dry, itchy eyes that you need treatment for? Schedule an appointment at Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH with one of our talented ophthalmologists!

Don’t let dry eyes stand in your way of living your life any longer!

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