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What Questions Should You Ask At An Eye Exam?

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Are you going to the eye doctor soon? Are you trying to figure out how to prepare for your eye exam?

When you are going to a doctor’s appointment or seeing a new doctor for the first time, it’s important to feel prepared. But you might not know what questions you should ask.

You may have a concern you want to discuss, but other times you’re only there for a check-up to make sure things are normal.

Having a comprehensive eye exam is important for keeping your eyes healthy. They are one of the only ways of diagnosing eye conditions early or finding any problems.

Making sure your eye doctor addresses any concerns and does a thorough exam is important. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by asking questions.

Keep reading to get an idea of some of the questions you could ask your eye doctor at your eye exam!

Am I at risk for any vision problems or conditions?

At the beginning of any doctor’s appointment, they should review your personal and family medical history. This is an easy way for your doctor to learn about any potential conditions that are hereditary or those that pose problems for your eyes.

If you know that any of your family members have a vision condition, please tell your doctor. This could increase your risk of developing it.

Be honest about your diet and lifestyle because they can impact your eye health.

What tips do you have about caring for my eyes?

Some of the things that doctors recommend for keeping your eyes healthy include eating foods that are rich in nutrients. This includes foods that have omega-3 fatty acids in them.

You may want to eat more fish, dark leafy greens, and citrus fruits. Exercising regularly also helps reduce eye pressure and keeps blood flowing to your eyes.

The key thing when it comes to good eye health is getting regular comprehensive eye exams. They are crucial with early detection of any changes in eye health. They also help diagnose and manage any conditions.

What tests will be done today?

Having an understanding of the tests you’ll have performed during your eye exam is necessary. It helps reduce your anxiety about being at the doctor and any unknowns associated with it.

Usually, during a comprehensive eye exam, a vision test is performed. During a vision test, you have to look at a certain distance and read letters and numbers on a Snellen chart.

This lets your eye doctor know how sharp your vision is. If you have any vision problems, your doctor may prescribe glasses or contact lenses. During an eye exam, your eye doctor may also perform imaging and other diagnostic tests like an eye pressure test.

These are some examples of questions you can ask. If you think of any other questions, make sure to write them down so you do not forget!

Do you feel prepared for your eye exam? Schedule an appointment at Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH with one of our talented ophthalmologists!

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