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When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

When you’re working, do your eyes feel tired? Are you having trouble remembering the last time you had an eye exam?

Eye strain and forgetting when your last eye exam was are signs that it’s probably time for an eye exam. Most people around the world need some form of vision correction.

That’s a lot of people! While vision issues are normal, a lot of them can be corrected or even avoided. Keep reading to find out more about the importance of eye exams and how to know if it’s been too long since your last one!

Blurry Vision

One of the most common signs it’s been too long since your last eye exam is that you have blurry vision. This includes trying to read signs at a distance or completing work on a computer.

If these tasks are challenging, then your vision is changing. Resting your eyes and staying hydrated can help if you experience blurry vision.

If your blurry vision doesn’t get better, and in fact, gets worse, it’s time for an eye exam.

Challenges Seeing at Night

As we age, it is possible to develop issues seeing while you drive at night. One condition that can cause this is cataracts.

The only way to diagnose and watch cataracts is to get frequent eye exams. Cataracts are more likely to develop once you are around the age of forty to fifty years old.

Difficulty Seeing the Computer

Nowadays, most people rely on the computer for everything. Sometimes it is harder for us to see the computer.

When this happens, trying the 20-20-20 rule can help. With the 20-20-2- rule, you’ll look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds around every 20 minutes.

If this does not help, you need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for an eye exam.

Going from Light to Dark Places Becomes Hard

Transitioning from a dark to a light place can take a little bit of adjusting. For example, if you leave a dark movie theater, it might take your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the sun outside.

But if you notice that transitions are harder than normal, it can be a sign that the muscles helping your iris are losing strength. It can be age-related, but it’s worth talking to your eye doctor about.

Double Vision

Double vision can be a sign that there is an issue with your cornea, eye muscles, or that you could have cataracts. If you experience double vision, make sure to let your eye doctor know.

Tired Eyes or Strain

If you have blurry vision, frequently squint, or blink to see, your eyes can get tired. Also, you can strain or fatigue your eyes driving, looking at screens, reading, or writing.

If this happens to you, try taking frequent breaks. If this does not help your eyes feel better, going to the eye doctor is the next step.

Frequent Headaches

If you experience frequent headaches, it could mean that there is an issue with the part of your eye that lets your lens and cornea focus. If this is the issue, smaller muscles in your eyes need to work harder.

This causes eye strain and can lead to headaches. If you squint a lot, you can get headaches as well.

If you’ve tried to resolve your vision issues, and nothing is working, then it is time to get an eye exam. Some eye conditions do develop over time, but some can develop rapidly. Frequent eye exams are the best way to make sure your eyes are healthy.

Are you ready to schedule an eye exam? Contact Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH to get your eyes on the path to health and schedule an eye exam!

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