What Are The Advantages of Progressive Lenses?

What Are The Advantages of Progressive Lenses?

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Has your vision been changing? Do you have difficulty seeing close up and far away?

These could be signs that you need lenses that let you see close up, distances, and everything in between. When you have this problem, you need to think about your options when you’re selecting a visual aid.

The two main options are progressive lenses or bifocals. Selecting the correct visual aid is important. Keep reading to learn if there are any advantages with progressive lenses!

You can see at all distances

Progressive lenses let someone who has difficulty seeing distances see all distances. That means that you can see things that are close up, far away, and everything in between.

They look like normal lenses

Unlike bifocals that have a line in the middle, progressive lenses look like any other normal lens. No one will know that you have lenses that can help you see different distances.

Do the things you love

With progressive lenses, you can see things at distances of any kind. Whether it’s up close, far away, or even at intermediate distances, progressive lenses will allow you to see them.

This means that you can do your favorite hobbies and activities, no matter what kind of distance it may take to do them. With progressive lenses, you will be able to see computers, books, and groceries when you go grocery shopping.

With bifocals, you can only see two opposite distances, so anything in the middle will be blurry.

You can safely use a computer

If you like to play computer games or if you use a computer for work, you need lenses that will keep your eyes safe. Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses let you use computers without developing computer vision syndrome (CVS).

If you use the computer and have bifocals, to see the computer you have to tilt your head back. This is the only way that you can see through the bottom of your lenses.

This position is unnatural and may cause you to develop neck pain, strained muscles, and other symptoms of CVS.

Feel like you have normal vision again

If you have presbyopia, remember what it was like when your vision was normal? If you want to feel like that, then progressive lenses are the best option for you.

Progressive lenses let you have a smooth transition in your vision between different distances. The transition to see different distances will be seamless.

They’ll allow you to easily go from reading a book to seeing across the room without an issue. Also, you will not have to tilt your head in weird directions to be able to see clearly through your lenses.

They work with all frames

Unlike bifocals and trifocals, progressive lenses are more modern and work with many different types of lenses. If you like smaller frames, you will be able to wear progressive lenses.

When deciding on the right lenses for you and your lifestyle, make sure to talk to your eye doctor. They will be able to explain the different options and help answer any of your questions.

Do you want to learn more about progressive lenses and if they are right for you? Schedule an appointment at Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH with one of our ophthalmologists today!

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