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Why Workplace Eye Wellness Month Is Observed

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Do you know how to keep your eyes safe while you are at work? Are you aware of the importance of protecting your eyes when you are around hazards?

Sometimes when you do a familiar task you think you are safe, even if you are in a hazardous situation.

Keep reading to learn more about eye protection and Workplace Eye Wellness Month!

All Workplaces Pose Threats To Your Eyes

People who work with machinery and other hazardous objects are not the only ones who need to protect their eyes at work. The screens of computers and phones that emit blue light can be damaging to your eyes as well.

No matter what you do, it is necessary to take safety precautions to protect your eyes. This means you should protect your eyes from foreign objects.

But it is just as necessary to protect your eyes from getting dry and tired due to looking at screens. The human eye is sensitive and exposed. It is your responsibility to protect yours from all threats.

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. It is dedicated to eye safety education at work.

Unfortunately, every day thousands of eye injuries occur while employees are working. At a minimum, it takes a day for the eyes to recover.

And some eye injuries can even be permanent. This is why workplace eye safety is so important.

It is vital that employers and employees understand basic eye safety precautions. Here is why Workplace Eye Wellness Month is observed.

Why Is Workplace Eye Wellness Important?

Clear, quality vision is a large piece of a life well-lived. You can live a fulfilling life without eyesight, but it’s better to keep it if you have it.

No employer wants to be responsible for degrading the eyesight of an employee. If you are in charge of workers, it’s important to keep them safe while ensuring they also remain productive.

To do most jobs well, you need to be able to see well. It is best to check workplaces to identify what hazards exist and how to best protect everyone’s eyes.

It is important to remember that you only have one set of eyes, so you need to value and take care of them.

What Hazards Exist in Workplaces?

Depending on your job, there could be many hazards you need to be aware of so you can keep your eyes safe at all times. Some common causes of workplace eye injuries are:

  • Tools
  • Chemicals
  • Flying objects
  • Floating particles
  • Extended screen use

How can I keep my eyes safe at work?

To keep your eyes safe at work, it is best to know what hazards exist in your workplace. That way you can talk with your doctor as well as your manager about the right precautions. Protective eyewear includes:

  • Face shields
  • Goggles
  • Face-covering respirators
  • Welding helmets
  • Prescription glasses
  • Safety glasses (prescription or non-prescription)

Would you like to see how healthy your eyes are and what eye protection you need at work? Schedule an eye exam at Complete EyeCare West in Columbus, OH.

One of our talented ophthalmologists will tell you how healthy your eyes are and how to keep them safe.

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